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Monthly Membership



__Stock alerts__
Our team produce tonnes of ideas daily for you to utilise by your own means. These include scalping, day trade and swing trade alerts. Briefly, scalping is where you buy and sell a stock within a short period of time. This technique is typically operated within 1 to 30 minutes. Day trading is when traders buy and sell a stock within the same day. This is similar to scalping but for a longer period of time.  Finally, swing trading is when traders buy an sell a stock over a 1 day period. For instance, buying a stock on a Monday and then selling in 2 weeks time. All alerts are included with every membership level and can be accessed through our 2 day free trial. The alerts and ideas presented always contain our buy price, our stop loss and profit targets. 
__Educational resources __
If you are brand new to trading and have not setup your broker yet or do not know a single thing about topic then you have come to right place to easily learn. Within you’ll find a educational section packed with infomation containing basic to advanced details on trading. We have presented you with:
● Brokers we recommend 
● The terminology of a trader
● Psychology behind trading
● How you can learn to size a position based on your account value. This includes a calculator for you to use!
● Learning bullish and bearish charts patterns
● How to read candle sticks on a price chart
● Various strategies we use on a day to day basis 
● Get access to over 10+ PDF files containing brilliant pieces of work. Ranging from psychology, strategies, candle stick knowledge to patterns all to help you learn and grow with CNE.
● Weekly trade reviews of the best and most accurate trades we have alerted. Explain why and how we knew to take the trade.
__chat rooms__
This is a unique section to our Discord where traders like yourself can discuss and exchange ideas whilst learning and trading together. Within you’ll have access to a variety of rooms where users just like yourself can discuss and contrast ideas. You’ll be able to join in an on going conversation to dicuss any topic correlating to the stock market. We have also included a social floor, so If you wish to talk about outside topics you can do so with others. 
The chat rooms include:
● Trading Floor
●  Swing Floor
● Options Floor
● Social Floor
If you ever have a question about trading or want to discuss a potential idea you can leave a comment inside one of the floors with your question and one of our stock team can discuss it with you!
__stock bot access__
These friendly robots are used to track stock data and post live records of current news, prices, profit targets and more! You can comment inside the deligated chats a command and a bot will tell you all the information you need to know. For instance, you can ask the bot to display:
● the current stock price and chart
● a specific stocks bio
● the latest House of Trading buys and sells
● the senates recent trades
● recent government contracts
● stock halts 
● recent insider transactions
● insitutional holdings
● a companies financial records 
● a companies divident information 
● Live market news
● and tonnes more!

9 reviews for Monthly Membership

  1. sag-101 (verified owner)


  2. adamwestbrook (verified owner)

    Great service, very welcoming team

  3. Finatrader

    fast and updated alerts, great community. Perfect

  4. LukasF

    This community is just fantastic! Everyone there is truthfull, honest, caring, and helpful!!

  5. NAP

    Posted a review on the weekly but as I am now on the monthly heres my review of it…

    Joined and found the discord very easy to operate, the only trouble I had was recieving alerts on my phone, The notifications sometimes do work or don’t. There is a way to fix this and I done so by muting every other discord I am in. A bit painful as I was in over 16 but otherwise all is good! The alerts WIll and Tommy send are great, some do lose but a majority win by at least +5.00%. Happy with the results so far… started with $800 and $1100. THANKS CNE!

  6. Skyzz101


    Been in the discord under 2 months and I am staying. Will and Tommy produce clear, and precise alerts all day and they are fantastic guys to chat with. If you are on the fence about buying, dont be

  7. Angel Casana (verified owner)

    After trying several alert services, I have to say that CNE is the most honest, clear in its analysis and realistic in its communications through Twitter.

    Sometimes, you can find a good looking service on Twitter, but when you try it is simply inoperable. It is not the case of CNE, the operations announced in networks are real.

    Their community is friendly and a good place where several good traders share ideas and operations. Many thanks to the work of these guys, thanks to them I am able to make good profits. Not to get rich, as some pretend, but to get good returns.

  8. Valid Zeenar

    clear alerts, Will and Tommy are friendly and knowledgeable, for the price offered per month I make a consistent 10% per month which is crazy.

  9. Bonera (verified owner)

    CNE discord is a great place to grow with amazing people.
    The alerts is very easy to follow with big variation of swingtrades, daytrades and scalping alerts.
    Both Tommy and Will are fantastic. You can ask Them everything and they help you, a big support and you never feel stupid. They have teach me to cut my losses and not baghold and to coumpound small wins. I never chase 100% trades anymore thanks to them.

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