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Our goal is to educate and teach our members how to trade on their own terms.

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We have the goal to educate everyone, even if you are not a paying 'Mentee", and we will try our best to support your needs.

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Receive our trade signals and when we plan to organise live seminars though the Discord app.

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CNE Stocks seeks to add value to everyone In today's trading community, there are numerous shady servers attempting to provide alerts or trade education. Don't waste your money on trades from a teenager in his mother's basement. Learn from vetted expert traders that make a livelihood doing it!


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Not Quite Convinced?

YES! Within our Discord there is a whole section based on educating you! tonnes of educational content for you to utilise it at your fingertips. Containing beginner information on how to read price charts to in-depth explanations on the mindset of a trader. Inexperienced to experienced, you’ll learn something!

Certainly not. We are not a copy trade business, but rather a trading community. Nobody on staff is a registered financial advisor, and no securities discussed in the Discord community should be regarded as financial advice. Our users may openly express their trading ideas in chat rooms, and other members can remark on one other’s ideas.

Of course! Try out our weekly membership for 2 days to discover if CNE Stocks is the right place for you!